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  • Jul 31, 2010
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  • The real disconnect here is saying that all users are consumers, sheep who do not typically create. Will paint programs, and other types of creative endeavors (like GarageBand, iMovie, etc.) benefit from an iOS style approach for many? Likely. Will real power users ever be satisfied with a walled garden, lower powered hardware approach because "That's all most people need" type thought process? Heck no. I wouldn't say the more complicated the better, but I want control and choice when I am in "geek" mode and not surfing the web on my couch with my iPad. There are two user types, power users, and everyone else. Whoever continues to cater to the power user as well as the consumer will win. We create the content everyone else consumes, so we define what is needed by what we create.
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    The Future of the Mac Is the iPad