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  • Jan 06, 2010
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  • Can you believe it? I just received an update for Awesome Notes and there is now a Sync for Google docs. Amazing.
  • I agree the Awesome Notes is Awesome! But only for the itouch and not for syncing. I have moved away from a PDA to an Itouch and so I have been looking for something to sync my notes with. Awesome Notes works great on the itouch but it doesn't translate to any computer program. I haven't found anything to sync it with. I know I can import and export using Google docs but that is so antiquated. Syncing options are all they should be including these days. Google docs doesn't even come close to matching the Awesome Notes interface. Plus folders don't export either. Why oh why don't they just have a program called Awesome Notes for the Mac??? And FYI I tried searching Awesome Notes on this Applematters site and it comes up with nothing! I had to page through to find it once I worked out it would be under 'review'.